Friday, August 21, 2009

Where-owa? Iowa!

My Secret Pal is on the move!

Seriously, next time, vacation shots (for real, I promise).

Monday, August 17, 2009

Starry Postcard

A pretty cloth postcard from my Secret Pal was waiting for me when I got back home last week. Thanks SP!

Next up...some long-delayed vacation pictures.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Sock Summit

I was in Portland for the Sock Summit last week. I had a blast! I saw a bit of the town, thanks to their cool (and mostly free) light rain system. There seemed to be so little traffic in Portland, though that's probably because I'm used to so much traffic in DC. I did see some wildlife:
and not so wild life:
I took classes to learn about double knitting, bavarian stockings and knee socks. Here's me making my peace with twisted knitting while making the bavarian sampler:
Alright, twisted knitting, I'm ok with you now. I can appreciate the crisp cables you produce and promise not to complaining too much about all that knitting through the back loop you like so much.

There was a bit of swag:
and a little yarn shopping. OK, an obscene amount of yarn shopping. The marketplace on its own would have been worth the trip.

For all the sock hoopla, I got very little honest to goodness sock knitting done. Between the traveling and summit events and sightseeing, I only managed about half a socks worth of work, or from just below the heel to halfway up the leg of this toe up sock.
Now I know: next Sock Summit, bring simpler socks!