Friday, October 28, 2005

SP Package

Thank you, Secret Pal! Your card cheered me right up! The modular knits book is beautiful and the toffee is truly awesome. I gave it a few good whacks, like the packaging recommended, against the kitchen chopping block and was rewarded with yummy chunks of toffee!

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Sunday Outing

Here are some pics from DC Knit Out and Crochet Too.

I wasn't there long, but I got a chance to watch Nicky Epstein do a demo. She brought lots of pretty samples of her work too.

I also learned to crochet! Two very nice (and patient!) ladies from the crochet tent were teaching people from scratch how to do a slip knot (this much I could already do at least), single, half double and double (note the cool new jargon!). So even though the vendors at the event weren't allowed to vend (US Park Service rules), I did walk away with some goodies and a new skill:

The crochet needs some work. I'm not really in love with it, but it's bound to come in handy, I'm sure.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Ground Floor

I think I've hit bottom, so this is my short self-pity post. There is now only a sliver of floor visible through all the crap strewn around my bedroom. I must clean, very very soon. Plus, my hard drive is in a coma again. It's been like that for several weeks but I just haven't felt like fixing it. So I've been doing everything on my laptop lately. Going from a 21" monitor to a 12" display is a little painful. I get to squint a lot. Poor me! *sniffle*

I also forgot to post this (I've been forgetting things lately):

My mom is getting into the craftiness too. Voila! a newly reupholstered footstool, hiding even more of my bedroom floor :) Wait 'til she sees what I've been working on for her birthday...Hah! it's a hand-made do-it-yourself arms race!

Wednesday, October 12, 2005


We went to New Jersey to go apple picking with my cousin and her family. We got two half bushels of apples, two pumpkins....and two munchkins! These guys are members of the Lollipop Guild, if I'm not mistaken. The farm we went to also had interesting yellow eggplants:

While we were in the Garden State, I finished the Vogue diamond scarf (modeled by sideways Bert):

Good thing, too, because Aida (she's on the right in the top picture) so generously gifted me with these:

As you can see, I've started a ruffle scarf, though I haven't decided what to do with the ribbon. Any thoughts?

It was my brother's birthday on Monday. I gave him a scarf (shocker, huh?) and an apple birthday cake (expedient and delicious!). I knit the scarf a long time ago (yes, I am capable of planning ahead) but I forgot to take a picture of it. Doh! Oh well...anyway, it's basically this from Knitty, except in light brown, not pink.

Going back to work on Tuesday was pretty painful after such a nice long weekend. I woke up late, and very grumpy, there was a pile of crap waiting on my desk (figuratively speaking of course; everyone at the office is housebroken), and to top it off, I forgot to bring my violin music with me for my lesson. I did remember my violin, so it wasn't a total loss. So what could redeem such a lack-luster day? Bethieee to the rescue! My SP5 spoilee plots a wicked bit of vengeance and sends me a splendid package:

Yay, fun toys! There are Wizard of Oz magnets - the packaging suggests "recreating favorite scenes" :) - orange Play-Doh with a My Little Pony figurine, and an adorable bouncing bunny keychain. Then there are some more relaxing luxuries: a rosey yellow journal, hand-cut lavender soap, a beautiful green candle, plus, for my knitting pleasure, Blue Moon sock yarn and pretty purple and gold stitch markers. Thank you, Beth! What sweet and thoughtful gifts!!

Monday, October 03, 2005

Jack's Sweater

Yup, I did finish it, and just in time for the Lombardi knitting event. Here's the guest of honor sporting his spiffy new outfit. The poor thing has a great "I can't believe they're making me wear this!" look. As a dog person, I can testify that most dogs hate wearing clothes. But as dog person, I can also say that they all look soooo adorable in them!

Now, I'm working on this:

Ahhhh, a scarf. How relaxing and gauge-free!