Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Yarn & Tech Sprawl

You know that IBM commercial with the techie sitting alone in an empty room, when suddenly, servers start popping up out of no where? Well look what has appeared in one corner of my bedroom:

Hmmm.... 6 pounds of acrylic (yes, that's pounds). Now, I wonder how that got here **head-scratching** I think the scariest part is that I really have absolutely no idea where this stuff came from. Yarn elves, maybe? Or a yarn-induced blackout while I was at the craft store? Or perhaps a time warp? There are Woolworths price stickers on them and there haven't been any Woolworths around here since I was in high school.

Now, I do remember shopping for a new laptop. I needed something small to carry around. After a lot of googling, I decided on a Dell 700m. They shipped a week earlier than promised (yay Dell!!) and the box came yesterday via UPS. Care for a geeky strip tease? No? Well, too bad:

If you ignore the crap on my desk, it's quite a pretty sight, no? I had a 40% off coupon so I loaded up on some extras - faster processor, more RAM, a DVD writer and an accidental damage warranty - I wouldn't normally have gotten the latter, except I kept imagining the scary things that could happen to my shiny new toy. I can't wait for the cushy case to arrive so I can take it for its first trip!

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Peacock said...

Geeky strip tease!! Hah!
I love it. :)