Saturday, June 02, 2007

It's the socks, stupid!

Thanks so much for the comments on the last post. I totally didn't expect to hear from other closet M & M sorters. Well I guess we're not in the closet anymore, so sort to your heart's content! You're not alone (and apparently there are even more, um, dedicated sorters than us).

In non-candy news, I've been working on this:
How about this for Sockapalooza? It's the "Stems" pattern from Sensational Knitted Socks. The yarn is Socks That Rock lightweight (color: Olive Garden), which Bethiee sent me a few years ago. Yes, I am slow, but gimme a break - I just learned to knit socks this year! It's not too busy a combination right? The pattern itself is a four-row repeat, only one of which is a lace row. I think this one's a keeper. Speaking of socks, I saw this article in the NY Times last week (don't you love slow days at work?). Socks that helped bring down the Yankees? Hooray socks!

Have you noticed a lot of buzz about typefaces lately? I totally failed my font quiz:

What Font Are You? (Standard Fonts)

Arial - You're pretty normal. That's certainly not a bad thing, as a lot of people like you.
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I am so not an Arial. Non-serifed fonts are harder to read and should be in titles and signage only. Those cute little font feet serve a purpose! Seriously, try reading a long document in 10 pt Arial and see how quickly your eyes get tired. End rant.


Secret Pal said...

The sock looks great. I just love Socks That Rock! I'm so glad you're using the sock bag I sent you! I'm still shopping around for a few more items for your big reveal package! :)

Jinann said...

Those socks look wonderful! I love the color way! (I'm thrilled that you've finally started knitting socks!)

Iris said...

The socks look fantastic! What a beautiful colour!