Friday, September 07, 2007

A Pair of Threes

What comes in threes?

My first Navajo Ply

I think I put too much twist in it when plying, probably because I was treadling too fast and my poor little hands couldn't keep up. Plus, the crochet-like chaining motion took some getting used to. The overtwist was bad enough to unspin (that's a nice way of saying "break") the single in a few places; there are some ooops! spots hidden in this skein!

When we stayed with my aunt in Chicago, we learned that Frangos were really popular there, a regional treat sold at Marshall Fields. Macys bought out the chain out but luckily they still sell the candy. My aunt sent me three different kinds: dark chocolate mint, milk chocolate and toffee. Yummy!


elizabeth said...

It's hard to get the tension and wheel ratio right when navajo plying - I always have to slow WAY down. Your's looks really good though - love those defined colors!

~Tonia~ said...

I haven't tried the navajo plying yet. It looks nice and squishy.

I have never had Frangos. Are they like a hard candy?

Mia said...

Thanks! The navajo ply is a bit tricky but the colors come out so nice - a change of pace from the barber pole stripes.

Frangos are actually soft candies, kind of like the soft centers in a Whitman sampler. I'm so happy they come in more than just mint - I'm not a fan of mint :P

Jinann said...

Love the Navajo plying! I still have to try it...I'm such a chicken. Maybe I'll have you teach me sometime!

Wow....I've never seen those chocolates, but I rarely went to Marshall Fields....I do hate that Macy's has taken over so many stores - I loved Marshall Fields and Hechts!

Anonymous said...

Impressive! I've never spinned and I love the colors you are using. chocolate...yum yum!
Good ideas for your goodies!
-Su Amiga Secreto