Saturday, February 09, 2008

Signs and Wonders

I know its the year of the rat, but this oddly shaped patch of sunlight in our hallway seems to indicate it's really the year of the dog:
The scottie dog to be precise. Maybe even our scottie dog. I think my doggie beats the pants off the Virgin Mary on a burrito any day, though they are probably both equally gassy.

So much for signs. Here's a wonder:
The Mysterious Pink Birthday Thing is revealed. This is Pea from Junior Knits, made for Jersey Girl's birthday. The wonderous part is that I actually finished it - and almost on time too (notice the priority mail box in the picture). Hah! Yay me!


Jill L said...

Wow that is incredible -- great job!

Your Dishcloth Pal

Dorothy said...

That coat is INCREDIBLE! Beautiful job!

The scottie dog is crazy!

Jinann said...

That's GORGEOUS! Jersey Girl will LOVE it! Wow. I'm so impressed!

The "sun picture" was really awesome too...very interesting!