Friday, November 14, 2008

Two by Two

I made a scarf with some bargain Noro I snagged on the last day of the Stitches market. Remember the twined knitting cuff on the wee little Stitches sweater? Well I couldn't get enough so there's a twined edge on this too.
Mmmm, squishy... There is the twist problem with this twining technique though, and I was especially wary of it given that Kureyon is a single without all that much twist. There was the very real possibility that the portion of the strand I was working with would become untwisted and break. As I knit the row, the yarn would feel a little bit looser, so after each row, I'd untwist by pulling each of the strands in opposite directions with the work dangling in between. The scarf (for the end of the scarf, I pinned it up into a bundle with my circs) would spin and release that built up twist.

I'm also working on some self-patterning socks. I knit on the first sock while waiting to voteIt took more than two hours to get through the line, so I got a lot done. The sock also went to Stitches with me.
Now my sock knows how to vote and how to escape from a flaming marc train. Clever sock!

After the first sock, my much loved 9" Hiya Hiya circs were drafted into service for the Stitches Bohus class. Now that the colorwork portion is done, I get my needle back.For the Bohus, I'm trying to decide whether to just do some ribbing and call it a cuff, or join a different fingering yarn and make a sock. What do you think? Socks or wrist warmers?

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