Friday, June 04, 2010

Old Timey Train

We went on the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad last weekend. Jersey family was in town and Jersey Baby is a big fan of all things train. It was an hour-long ride from the small town of Cumberland to the even smaller town of Frostburg, which I knew of mainly because the Redskins used to train at the university there. It was hot and disgustingly sunny, so I only explored about 1 block of Main Street before hiding out in an air-conditioned cafe surrounded by cold beverages.

The railroad was indeed scenic, though we seemed to be on the slightly less scenic side, so there was a lot of craning to see past riders on the other side of the train. Here's a pretty picture from Cumberland, when we were on the more scenic side.

I started the O w l s sweater and worked on it through during the trip. I decided to go sleeve first to try out some gauge-related pattern changes.

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Jinann said...

What fun! I love trains too. There's one in NY that I want to ride, but it seems that every time I'm there, it's post season, so the trains not running. Sigh.