Saturday, July 09, 2005

FO update

The one-skein wonder is blocked and ready to go:

Hooray!! I ran out of yarn (note to self: must swatch more carefully!!), so the ribbed edging had to go, but apart from that, I'm a happy girl :) Thank you again, Secret Pal, for the yarn, the pattern and the encouragement!

It's been a bit too warm to wear my latest creation outside, so I've been having fun going through my more than ample wardrobe to find stuff it goes with. This red dress is one of my favorite dresses, made for me by a wonderful family friend who is addicted to sewing (and she knits too!).


Secret Pal said...

Hey! Nice job! Did you just love the Cashmerino? I made one for my friend in the same yarn, and she loves it!

Mia said...

Thanks SP! The cashmerino was fabulous! It's unbelievably soft and great to work with.