Saturday, September 24, 2005

Proof (this is the one without Gwenyth)

Here's my progress on the sweater for Jack the Bulldog:

Yes, I know, the "G" came out short and fat but it still looks like a "G" so that's close enough for my less-than-exacting standards. Plus, I know what I did wrong (you might want to skip the next paragraph if you don't want the gory details).

**start sweater rant**
When I plotted out the pattern for the sweater back, I used knitters graphing paper and I decided to turn the paper sideways. In a misguided attempt at efficiency, I thought it would be better to have the pattern on one sheet. This was OK for just having the number and color of stitches on hand (yes, I swatched, and washed the swatch, and counted the stitches per row and stitches per inch, and made many calculations on a spreadsheet, and even did some geometry involving pi), but where things went awry was when I traced the "G" shape onto the pattern. It dawned on me at about row 15 or so that since knitting graph paper has rectangles, not squares, if you turn the paper, the proportions change. Anything drawn directly on the paper, like my letter G, would be distorted. Thankfully, the dimensions for the sweater back itself are right, since I calculated the number of stitches I'd need from the swatch.
**end sweater rant**

In other news, here's a purse I was making before I got the yarn for Jack.

It was moving right along, but I lost a stitch and got discouraged (furry yarn + size two needles = temporary blindness). It's back on track now though.

And here are a couple of kerchiefs for the Lombardi knitting event next week:

My aunt asked me if I was knitting a bikini and she looked very relieved when I said no (me + bikini = permanent blindness). In yet another misguided attempt at efficiency (see sweater rant above, if you dare!), I decided to knit two at the same time on long circular needles, using one strand from each end of a ball of King Tut cotton. Apart from the intermittent tangling of strands, this has worked out well... except of course that's it's taking twice as long to finish! For now I'll console myself with the thought that I'll have not one, but two finished objects when I (eventually) finish.

I am so looking forward to Stitches East this weekend! I'm taking a gauge class and spending more than I should on knitterly things. I'm bringing a copy of my SP6 spoilee's questionnaire, so I can do some proper spoiling. Speaking of SP6, my pal is such a dear! She emailed me again to make sure I wasn't feeling neglected. No worries, Secret Pal! I feel very well-cared for :)

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