Monday, September 05, 2005

SP goodies

Thank you, Leah! You're the best! What can I say? The sock says it all: I'm just totally spoiled! I love the yarn - and you even wound the sock yarn for me! I can't wait to cast on for both these patterns. My current projects bin is getting pretty crowded, but I don't mind one bit :) I really appreciate the ruler. It'll come in handy when I take the gauge class at Stitches East later this month. I think it's kinda neat to have knitting "homework". Many thanks, Secret Pal, for all the lovely gifts and notes you've sent over the summer!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hey Mia,

Just thought I'd leave a little comment in your blog to introduce myself - I'm your secret pal in the SP6 round, so I get to spoil you with gifts for 3 months. I'm so excited!!

I've spent most of the morning looking through your blog to get an idea what you do and what you like and I'm already starting to put parcels together in my head. :) I have also found your SP5 Questionnaire, which was useful but I was wondering if you have an updated version? Or has it remained the same?

Anyway, I'm looking forward to spoiling you in the next three months.

All the best,
you secret pal

PS: I'm also sending you this via email because I'm not sure if you receive blog comments on your email.