Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Thank you, Secret Pal!

What an awesome package! Check out the catwoman card - meow! Then there's the latest Knit It magazine, which I stayed up late last night oggling over. (Don't tell my Knitting Olympics project, but I cast on for the hat on p. 90. I know, I know. I was weak.) And what about the chocolate! CHOCOLATE! Yay! I love the dark green rectangular plate and little soy sauce bowl. Sushi, anyone? It's taking all the discipline I can muster to keep from diving into the fair isle hat kit on the right. I did do a meet and greet with the yarns though. They're Norwegian and very pleasant. I hope they don't mind waiting for me to cross the finish line with the ribbed sweater. So thank you Thank You THANK YOU to my lovely secret pal!

The Olympic sweater is progressing, though at 361 stitches across currently (it's knit in one piece, so that's from sleeve cuff to sleeve cuff), you can see why progress is slow. I am only at the halfway point now, with just five days left. I'm pretty sure I'm not going to finish in time *sigh* but I will finish - eventually...


Leah said...

Very cool! I love the Fair Isle kit!

As soon as these here Olympics are finished, I am casting on a Fair Isle project!

I done decided!

(And I don't know why I am typing with a hillbilly accent. It's early, I guess)!

Anonymous said...

aw. girl. you deserve it. take a break from algorithms and eat some chocolate!

xo - your secret pal.