Saturday, January 27, 2007

All Spin Zone

Look what my Secret Pal sent:
It's handspun in a lovely bright colorway called Slimey, after Oscar the Grouch's wormy friend. Plus, she had sent me a gift certificate a few weeks back too. Thanks, Secret Pal!

I've finished the yarn for my Spin-to-Knit pal. I can't show you that, but I can show you this:
After what seemed like ages of being good and spinning thin, I cut loose. This is about 7 oz of single ply spun up from a couple of superwash merino/mohair batts from miss_babs' Ebay shop:
I threw caution to the wind, barely predrafting the fiber and spinning pretty carelessly. There are parts where I let the twist travel *way* too far into the fiber mass (it was practically sideways so I guess I was accidentally spinning from the fold he he he!). It's slubby and inconsistant and I like it!

I need to get back to knitting Jersey Girl's present, since that birthday's coming up. More on that project soon...

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Jinann said...

What fabulous skeins! I'm dying to see what you sent your pal - especially after seeing the gorgeous green/blue you've spun. I'm so curious! (Good thing I'm not a cat, eh?)