Friday, August 10, 2007

Comings and Goings

The Dish Rag Tag box came Wednesday and left Thursday. In fact, it was here so briefly, I didn't get a picture of it. But I can show you the goodies it left behind:
A sweet little dish rag and two balls of Hempathy. Thanks a bunch Cass! And thanks to the cheering squad that commented on my last post. Go Yarn Hags, yay!

Tonight I'm heading off to Chicago for a few days to commune with relatives. There'll be eating and late night chats and eating and sightseeing and eating. I'm also spending a day at Stitches Midwest. Hooray! I'm so excited. I will, of course, be bringing knitting. I found a new source to feed my Garnstudio Fabel habit, so I'll have some of that to take along. And I jumped on the monkey bandwagon. I hope to work on these on the plane:
These are monkey socks in Cherry Tree Hill. I was too lazy to follow the ankle decrease and toe instructions, so I just did those in the lazy way I always do. This pattern is great though (even the parts I didn't follow hehehe). It's pretty and easily memorized and works beautifully with variegated yarns. No wonder it's a hit!

(As you can tell from the photos, I'm also bringing Chinese. Bad idea? Probably, but since I still have my final to take, I pretty much have to take my books too.)


Jinann said...

Wow! You're really whipping out some gorgeous socks! Have fun in "Chi Town"!

~Tonia~ said...

Very nice monkeys. I love that pattern. It is so fun and knits so quick.

Great package. The dish rag is very pretty.

noricum said...

Go yarn hags! (Shut Up I'm Counting sent me here with her contest.)

Mary said...

Howdy, from just down the road in Richmond. I, too, was sent here from the Shut Up I'm Counting blog.

Have fun with the dishrag tag! Here's hoping there'll be another -- sounds like fun! :-)