Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Sock Details

In response to Tonia's comment, here are close-up shots of the thrifty vintage socklets. Here's the heel flap with the seam running down the middle:
The seam continues down the short row heel turn, which is where the seam stitch makes a great stitch marker:
Since it's the center stitch, if your decreases go awry, you'll find out pretty quickly. Interestingly, the decreases in the gusset are all K2tog, rather than opposite slanting decreases. The seam ends after the heel turn, presumably because no one wants to walk around on a bumpy seam that goes all the way down the inside of the foot section. Ouch!


~Tonia~ said...

Thanks for the pictures and explanation.

I have seen a pattern similar to that. It had you do a P2 on either side of the back or if you were looking in the middle back of the sock it would look like a P4. The reason behind the one that I am talking about was to make it look like it was made and sewn up the back.

Jinann said...

Wow! That really is an unusual way of doing socks! It's pretty cool though.