Monday, October 22, 2007

Rhinebeck and Other Good Things

Back from another whirlwind weekend, again to New York-sey to see Jersey Family and also to go to Rhinebeck. This was my car knitting:A Monkey made from Socks that Rock Lightweight in "Kryptonite" and some brown Opal 6-ply for the heel and toe. This project is a relief if many ways. First, this yarn has been through a few failed sock attempts before. Plus, I was a little jaded from the gauge disaster from my last monkey attempt. To keep the sock gremlins away, I used a pattern that 1) I knew looked good with handpaints and 2) was easy enough for me to memorize. As for the gauge issue, I started the cuff and first two repeats at a looser gauge (for me with this yarn, that's a 2mm needle - yup, I knit that loosely), then changed to smaller needles (1.5mm) to do the rest of the piece.

Of course my first visit to NY Sheep and Wool was an occasion to buy yarn and fiber, but this was definitely my pot 'o gold:
These handcards are used but in good shape, and just $30. Now if I could only get the hang of using them...

I've been spindling a bit too. This is from some purple roving I got at Stitches East.
I think it's Corriedale but I lost the receipt and the bag's unlabeled. It's not that easy to spin. It seems to want a lot of twist to stay together. I guess it's a shorter staple length, or maybe this spindle's too heavy. Anyhoo, at least the color's pretty :)

I'll leave you with a shot of Jersey Baby in action:


~Tonia~ said...

Sounds like a wonderful time. Wish I could have gone to Rhinebeck.

Humm that is odd if it is Corriedale. I think that it is one of the easier fibers to spin. It reminds me of merino, but I like it much better. I know that cormo seems to be harder for me. It wants to spin up fine and breaks really easy. I guess it is each person's preference and experience hu?. Hopefully it will get easier to spin it as you go.

That picture of Jersey Baby reminds me of what my MIL calls James. "He's like a fart in a whirl wind" LOL

Mia said...

I found the receipt! It says "wool." Not terribly helpful. I bet you're right tonia. It sounds just like your description of cormo.

Jinann said...

Sorry I missed you in Rhinebeck! I looked for you! (Of course, we were both probably buried in yarn and roving making it "hard to recognize" each other.