Monday, October 15, 2007

Round and Round

Finally, we have some proper fall weather. I really hate summer and always welcome the first nippy days of fall, so that 90 degree day we had last week just about did me in. Now all those cozy handknits aren't quite so incongruous with the the temperature.

In anticipation of fall, I've been knitting hats and scarves. Have you noticed earflap hats are back (if they ever actually left?)
This is a modified Valentine Hat from Stitch 'n Bitch Nation, modified for pony beads instead of stranded color work. Here's some beading detail:
I made up the X-heart-X pattern while I was watching "The Stand" on Sci-Fi a few weeks ago. I was in the mood for an '80s flashback, so it was a good night all in all - yes, such is the sad state of my life. I think the show could have been better, considering it had lots of acting talent. Seriously, it would be great to use in a game of "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon."

I started a new monkey sock:
Pretty isn't it? The yarn is superwash merino/nylon from thankewe. Squishy pretty yarn aside though, let me tell you this is one naughty sock. It doesn't fit. I swatched, got gauge and started knitting, but it's too small! I guess I really shouldn't blame the sock. It was more of a case of the lying gauge swatch meets knitterly self-delusion. I was in total denial and knit on for 6 repeats anyway. Once I hit the heel, though, I had to face the music. Time to frog :(


Secret said...

Yeah for the 80's! The hat is super cute. Who's it for? Will you be sporting the throwback to the 80's? Maybe add some pink leg warmers?

~Tonia~ said...

What a cute hat.

I love the colors for your monkey socks. I have one the same way. I swear that the gauge swatches lie.

Discount Codes Online said...

Super cute hat,is it for babies or adults?nice color,pink is my favourite..