Sunday, March 09, 2008

Green Thumbs

I still have green on the brain. I saw an article on a fancy pantsy edging for mittens and thought, "Hmmm, got just the yarn for that!"
These mitts are made with beautifully handdyed gift yarn, which I think is a wool mohair blend. I chucked the featured edging and knit a ribbed cuff instead of a stocking stitch one (I kinda like mitten cuffs on the clingy side).

The finished mittens resulted in some more green leftovers. I took these, along with the remnants from all the recent hat knitting, to a triloom weaving class at Springwater yesterday. We learned color changing and plaids, so it worked out nicely:
I had to double up on some of the pegs to accommodate the different yarn weights, but otherwise, it was pretty straight forward. I guess it is easy being green after all.


Jinann said...

Cool! Love the green mitts.

Oh, wow! How did you make the plaid with the tri-loom? You'll have to teach me that method.....I only learned the basics. Love the colors!

tarcher said...

Beautiful work Mia.