Sunday, March 02, 2008

Knitting O' the Green

I just can't stop knitting these tasselled earflap hats. They knit up pretty quick, though there's some fiddly finishing. But in the end it's the details that make this hat: the tidy crocheted edge, the functional earflaps, and oh yes, the tassels:
Yup, tassels rock. Meanwhile, when I'm not admiring yarn tassels, I'm working on a Claude sweater. Here's the back:
The fronts are mostly plain st st too, with just a bit of cable to keep them interesting. I'm working on the button bands now. This is knit with cotton angora, as recommended. It's super duper soft, as advertised, but the yarn reviews all warn that it gets fuzzy with wear. I guess I'll wait and see when it comes time to block the pieces.

1 comment:

Jinann said...

The hats are absolutely darling!

Love the idea of a cotton and angora sweater - yummy! Are you doing the "March Sweater Madness" as well?