Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hockey in July

My package for Round 1 of the Ravelry Hockey Swap arrived while we were away on vacation. I couldn't wait to tear into it as soon as we got home (which I did, at around 2 in the morning!) I received all sorts of treats from Jacqui (blogless, but you'll find her on Ravelry here), including a funny Ovie postcard:and lots of yummy candy:

She knit me an intriguing 3-D turtle warshcloth, whose shell sticks up (sorry, you only sort of see it from this angle)
There were also two awesome blood-and-gore zombie stitch markers:
I'll have to find something scary to knit so I can use these!

Jacqui even sent something for my dear doggie:
It was greatly appreciated.

Thank you Jacqui for all the great gifts!

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Jinann said...

I love that turtle wash cloth! So cool!