Sunday, July 19, 2009

Wales at Folklife 2009

My thoughts exactly.

There was, not surprisingly, no shortage of fibery things on diplay:They really ought to have put a heel on this sock already, though I guess you could always use it as a scarf, or maybe stuff it and use it to stop up a drafty door.

Of course, there was the usual Old School yarn making
and even Older School yarn making
Sit while wheel spinning? Those youngsters don't know how good they have it!

I also learned that a sailing half hitch isn't the same as the one I use on my bottom whorl spindle.Nope, this one's an actual knot. The spinning one is more of a loop, presumably since you don't really have an end to work with while you're in the middle of spinning your single.

And what's this?
I would say it was my next hobby, but for the messy muddiness. Do they make a no-mess clay?


blankets4smiles said...

Fabulous pictures!

Iris said...

I love pottery - D bought me an old wheel a few years ago but with the little ones I don't seem to get time these days. Maybe once they are in school...

Nicole said...

I have almost exactly the same picture of the sheep! :)