Monday, April 26, 2010

Maryland Day

Maryland Day was this past Saturday. The turn out was good despite the gray skies and on-and-off sprinkles of rain. The scary looking weather probably contributed to the unusually short free ice cream line at the agriculture school. I got my usual chocolate.
Yummy! They also had ice cream-related paraphernalia on display this year:
I know the whole "farm fresh milk delivered daily" idea is supposed to instill nostalgia, but I don't really see the appeal of dairy products being driven around town for hours before being left outdoors until you retrieve them. I'll stick with the constantly refrigerated kind.

There were the usual Maryland Day staples, like a selection of turtles:
The hand-made country fair games were really impressive, in all their sack toss, roulette wheel, pin the tail on a Plinko glory:
The 4-H lollipop clover was especially creative. There were some variations on putt putt too, but I somehow missed taking pictures of them.

We got to see a how strong eggs are:
This egg crusher (it was actually has a label that says that) holds the egg vertical while some evil mad scientist piles on 25lb lead bricks (repurposed from the university's cyclotron, per said mad scientist). So how much could this egg hold? Somewhere between 100 and 125lbs.

There were some surprises this year, like *gasp* misleading advertising!
They were trying to save people's hearing though, so maybe the end justified the means?

And I got to see the local rink's zamboni in a non-ice rink setting.
I guess it doesn't get much use in the off season, unless it has a feature that lets it teach swimming. It does remind me that I haven't gone skating in a while. Hmm, where did I put those skates?

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Jinann said...

Holy cow! I had no idea that eggs were that strong!