Tuesday, May 04, 2010


Yup, it was Sheep and Wool last weekend. Mom and I went on Saturday. It was ridiculously hot, even in the shade of the exhibition buildings, so we left a few hours earlier than usual. I managed to make the rounds to all the stalls, even the ones moved to the upper field. There was plenty to see:
Squares of the month? I think these are Squares of the Century! Can you believe the square that has a little sweater in it? Speaking of sweaters, how about this wee one made of sock yarn at the Three Waters booth:
As always, the t-shirt line was long and winding. I was content with watching the samples waive in the wind.
By the end, I'd bought a bit to spin and a bit to knit, but happily not enough to have to rearrange my stash. So it was a pretty low key Sheep & Wool for me!

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Jinann said...

It definitely was hot. I left early as well - I was totally wiped out b 3:20. I did go back on Sunday, though.