Sunday, May 09, 2010


I had a busy Saturday. I went to Union Station to see what National Train Day was all about. It was about a whole lot of families with double wide urban combat strollers waiting in very long lines. This was one of the few things (apart from the gift shop) that had no line:They had lots of trains going at once. It looked pretty neat.

Then I went down to the mall to the much more sedate Smithsonian Garden Fest, which had no lines whatsoever.It was a nice spot to be on such a pretty, if windy, day. I picked up tidbits on chocolate production (the pods come in different colors and grow in clumps out of the bark) and Sweet William (they're related to carnations). They also had some cool gourds on display:
On the way home, I stopped by the DC Streetcar Showcase, where one of the city's new streetcars was setup for people to visit.They're a lot like the ones I rode on in Portland, though I think the TriMet cars had a different seating arrangement and bike hook/hanger things on the inside too. A couple of the DC streetcar routes are supposed to be up and running in a few years, with other lines to follow.

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