Monday, February 20, 2012

A New Skill

I learned Tunisian crochet with mom and Erica on Saturday. I'm a pretty crappy crocheter, so it was kind of a rocky start. But it worked out eventually, more or less.

After the class, I tried out some other stitches. Here's Tunisian knit stitch, which really does look like knit stocking stitch, though more so on the front than on the back, where you can still sorta see the vertical bars.
The Tunisian version is also much thicker. It's like two layers of stocking stitch in thickness. I also made a few dishcoths. This one's all simple stitch.
This one's in purl stitch and honeycomb stitch.
As in knitting, the purl stitch is more annoying to make than the knit stitch. I do like how purl stitch fabric stays flat, compared to the Tunisian knit and simple stitched above. From the googling I've done, I could see that "combating the curl" was a major reoccupation among Tunisian hookers. I can't wait to see how Google will deal with the phrase "Tunisian hookers" (sorry, visitors to this site who were looking for something else entirely).

In knitting news, I finished a ruffle scarf wip that had been lying around.

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