Monday, June 11, 2012

In Practice

I used the black colonial wool to practice some Navajo plying. Here's the single:
And the 3-ply:
I really have to work on distributing the twist evenly when plying. The worst of the it will likely even out in the wash I bet, but there's definitely room for improvement in my plying technique. I have a lot of trouble controlling the treadle and bobbin of singles while simultaneously trying to set up the three strands for the next bit of plying.

This was just a warm up. I'm trying to get better at Navajo plying for I can ply this:
I got it off the bobbin and into a centerpull ball, thinking I would make a swirly 2-ply. But now I've decided to try for a 3-ply, with the bonus of conserving the order of the colors.

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