Wednesday, May 25, 2005

It's alive!

I finally got my computer fixed! Well, mostly fixed - just a few more tedious hours of reinstalling applications. It crashed horribly almost two weeks ago for no reason I could think of. I turned it on and got a nasty surprise. I couldn't access the c partition at all. Repairing with the Windows install CD didn't work, but it did give me some information to go on. Bad news: couldn't read the C, H, or I partitions. Good news: I could see the other partitions. Of course, all the important stuff was on the lost partitions, but anyhoo...Well, I didn't cry, though I really wanted to. At any rate, it's working now, after a whole lot of googling and cursing and fiddling with different file recovery packages (I was pretty desperate to rescue some of my data before reformatting so I ponied up the dough for it - serves me right for not backing up regularly). Now, I can only hope this was an isolated incident. It would really suck if I spent all that time putting the partition table back in order only to find out that my hard drive's bad and should just be replaced.

As for less frustrating thoughts, I was eating these at work today:

when I remembered the 5 balls of cheery yellow Bernat Coordinates I had stashed away. How about a "baked and not fried Goldfish" blanket?

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