Monday, May 30, 2005

Viva el fin de semana larga!

I love days off, even when that means more work to come back to after the long weekend. I spent most of the past two days either shopping (real-life mall crawling or the online variety) or vegetating. In my defense, I spent one whole hour dutifully fixing the internet exploder problem I was having, so all is well with browsing - for now.

On Friday after work, I went to Rockville to checkout a LYS and ended up with some Koigu and Berroco HipHop. On Saturday, I got some delayed gratification from a Herrschner's shopping binge, thanks to the US Postal Service. Of all the other goodies, I'm really excited about this:

It's Berroco Suede for a purse. Unfortunately, I can't justify casting on for it right now. I have way too many other UFO's, that I must must must finish something before starting anything new. On the bright side, this is close to finished:

And there's been some movement on the forgotten afghan front. I did eight rows, which may not sound like much, until you consider that there are 129 st per row (and that I'm bored with the pattern and can't wait to finish).

Sunday was spent walking around (and around) Arundel Mills and the surrounding stores. I got a cheap little camera, my first camera since grade school. I am not a shutterbug, as my crappy pictures can attest, but I think there is something funky with the viewfinder on this Kodak C300. Basically, what you see through the viewfinder is not at all what you capture in the picture. I have to use the live LCD viewfinder (read: battery hog) to get the pictures I want (i.e. no chopped-off heads). Oh well, I guess you get what you pay for. I'm not sure if I'll return it or just live with it.

Today, I joined my first ever knit-a-long, Knit the Classics. Books and yarn? I can't wait!

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