Tuesday, December 20, 2005

A box! A box!

There was a shiny gold box on my desk on Monday morning. Here's what was inside....

Thank you, Janet, for my big box-o-yarn! There's Paton's Divine in a soft purple, red and green Moda Dea Jai Alai, Bernat Boa in turquoise and Lion Brand Fancy Fur in black and green. I've never worked with the Jai Alai or Fancy Fur before, so I'm starting to scheme little schemes involving more scarves. But I should show restraint and not cast on until after the Christmas knitting is done. They're really only two projects that need to get done. The first is the very end of a striped stocking stitch scarf knit in the round, like the preppie-looking Harry Potter scarves.

And there's one other project that, shhh! (she says in the tiniest whisper) I haven't even cast on for yet.... but I need to keep that one under wraps for now.

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