Thursday, December 01, 2005

Decking Halls

The tree is up. The living room's ruined, but the tree is up. Isn't it pretty? Mom and my aunt Dee put all the ornaments on while I made these:

I reprised my annual post-Turkey Day role of crazy baker lady so we (i.e. mom) could get the holiday cookie packages sent to the out-of-town-friends-and-family list. Going clockwise from the top, I had: marbled brownies, white chocolate fudge with cranberries and almonds, chocolate chocolate chip cookies, mini apple muffins, caramel heavelies, fudge with pecans; Center: wedding cookies (a.k.a Christmas cookies or Russian tea cookies).

I have about a million other WIPs on my needles, but of course, I let myself get distracted by the Lion Brand landscape I got at the local Joann store's after-Thanksgiving sale.

This is the "My So-Called Scarf" pattern in the color "Rose Garden." I really like the pattern and the way the piece turned out. Here's a closer look of the scarf as a WIP:

The yarn's pretty nice too. It's handwash so I gotta be careful who I give the scarf to, but on the plus side, it's feltable, or so the label claims. Hmmmm...very interesting.... It would make a pretty bag, don't you think?


bethieee said...

Is that a stuffed turtle with antlers on its head?
I love it.
By the way, the baked goods were FABULOUS!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mia,

Just wondering - any news re. the parcel yet? I'm getting a bit worried, because another parcel I sent to the US on the same day arrived two days ago... Hope it hasn't got lost! Anyway, could you let me know when it arrives? If it doesn't come soon, let me know so I can try and resend!!

Your Secret Pal

PS: Should I reveal myself?!