Monday, January 02, 2006

Scarf Harvest

At last, I got to put all those knitted scarves to use! You can see the holiday presents I knitted here. There were a couple of gifts not pictured (I forgot to take photos before gifting them - doh!). Anyway, one was a sort of knobbly orange novelty boucle from, done up in a light, lacy pattern. The second was a hunter green cable from Knitty.

I'm working on a couple of Baby Bobbi Bears. This one's tired of having no arms or ears, so he's taking a nap beside Doggie:

And this is his somewhat-less-developed younger sibling:

I've also started a Branching Out scarf with the grey-green laceweight Bethieee sent me. It's at about seven or so repeats:

It's odd that this piece photographs nicely, when it looks kind of messy in person. Maybe blocking will work magic on my uneven knitting?

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