Sunday, January 29, 2006

Hooray, Koigu! I won a contest on Bethiee's blog and got this wonderful parcel yesterday. It's a skein of beautiful green Koigu KPPPM, pretty purple and green stitch markers made by Bethiee and Peacock, a tiny photo album and a doggie card (it is the Year of the Dog, after all). What great prizes! Thanks a bunch, Bethiee!

To further feed my Koigu cravings, I received some Kersti that I bought from ebay:

Don't know what to do with it quite yet, but I really like the color and will probably just gaze at it adoringly for a bit.

And also in the stash expansion catagory, I stumbled onto a yarn store in Virginia and got some Lamb's Pride for a present for my SP7 spoilee (I will send it for her last package, so this should not ruin the surprise):

Mom and I were at the Sugarloaf Craft Festival at the Dulles Expo Center on Saturday. There was so much cool stuff, but sadly a lot of it was too pricey for me. Hence the consolation yarn shopping at Capital Yarns. It's a nice store, with a very helpful staff. Now, if only it wasn't an hour and a half away. *sigh*.

Now, my own Secret Pal is also up to something. She even sent me a pretty card that said as much! The funny thing is that my address on the envelope has a middle name that's not my middle name.....hmmm, a clue? (Yes, I can be quite dense sometimes)

I haven't made much progress on my very many works-in-progress. The toy rabbit is still headless and my Koigu hat is still brimless, because lately I've spent most of my knitting time on a little cardi, which now just needs a collar and some finishing:

I'll close with a distinguished doggie picture (again, for the lunar new year):

Don't let the pose fool you - he couldn't wait to get out of that coat. I think it makes him look like Sherlock know, if Sherlock were a dog...

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Leah said...

Love the Lambspride! The colors are loverly!

And the Koigu? What else can you say? It's Koigu!