Tuesday, August 29, 2006

All Things Green

Thank you, Peacock!!
What a thoughtful thank you package from Tahlia! She dyed the yarn herself - this colorway is so pretty in person, and the yarn is incredibly soft to boot! My mom may have already commandeered the applets and cotlets, but no worries, 'cuz that bright red arrow is pointing to my very own bag-o-turtles! Yay, my collection is growing by leaps and bounds. There was also a beautiful blue and green heart necklace (not pictured, because I was wearing it at the time and forgot to snap a photo of it - doh!). Plus, there were soothing lavender and chamomile bath additions and a delicately scented rose and lavender candle.

It hit me this weekend that this was going to be my last free weekend for a good long while. In response, I did what any anxious knitter would do. I ate a big bowl of ice cream and then I cast on:
This will be a felted shibori scarf. It's also my current pet knitting since it's mindless and portable. The Blue Sky 100% Alpaca (I think it's also called "Sportweight") makes a soft and lovely fabric. It's almost a shame to felt it. Then there's this Funky Tank Top:
The pattern is from Adorable Knits for Tots and I'm using the recommended Rowan Handknit Cotton. It's size 1-2 years, so Jersey Baby can wear it next summer, though I hope to finish it well before then. I'm not really happy with how the colors are working (or not working) together. I picked out the colors before I knew the sex of the baby, so I went for a combo I like: green and purple. All I can say is that it looked good when I lined the balls up and played around with color order. I guess I can live with it, though that putrid green stripe towards the top makes me question my color sense...what was I thinking??? One thing this project does have going for it is sleevelessness. Hooray!

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