Saturday, August 05, 2006

Constancy and Prudissitude

I've squeezed a bit of spinning into my schedule the last few weeks. I've notice some improved consistency, but I'm not at the point where I can tell what the next bit of new yarn will look like. I can manage even thickness within a given spindling session, but I have trouble producing the same weight yarn from session to session. It sort of varies, some days light dk weight, some days lace, some days fingering. I guess it will just take practice.

I messed up with Icarus again! Grrrrr! I swear this lace crap hates me. So the shawl won't be done in time to be gifted. Good thing I have this:
In the end, this took two skeins each of Cascade 220 (thanks again, SP!) and Lamb's Pride Bulky, three balls of Noro Kureyon, half a ball each of two colors of Bernat Matrix, and a half a ball of Bernat Boa. Prefelting, it's 28.5" x 24.5". I'll give you the postfelting size once I've, you know, actually felted it.
Update: The finished piece is 23"x16":


Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about lace hating you, I think this mystery shawl is doing the same. But I have finally decided that if there are a few mistakes I DON"T CARE, LOL. I just add a stitch or k2tog to make it right. It is still coming out great. I am have 4 more rows to complete clue 4 and clue five is printed and waiting behind it. I took a break from it and did the monthly dishcloth KAL for Aug. I was 4 days late starting and finished it this afternoon. Wow knitting Peachs 'N cream after this lace wt yarn is like so strange. And it goes so fast on size 7 needles. LOL. I have a spindle now and some fiber from my SP but I haven't tried it yet. So you are doing way better than I. I am reading a little book called "Knitting Lessons" and there is a chapter about a knitter who does everything from scratch, even shears the sheep. OK I am not there yet. LOL. I told DH this morning that I would have to have a sheep when I retire to the hill country so I can have yarn. He just laughed. We know a couple who has Llama's he said I should ask what they do with their wool. Hummmm... Anyway, have a good week and be watching for a surprise this week.

Your SP

Angela said...

prudissitude mean?