Sunday, August 27, 2006


My Secret Pal is Therese from Texas! She's been such a fabulous pal, treating me to lots of books and yarn and supportive blog comments! Definitely check out her blog. She's a nurse, and a masseuse, and a wife, and a mother, and a dog breeder, and oh yeah, she knits too :)

Despite my week of non-blogging, I have actually been knitting. I finished up the sassy stripes scarf:
I've got one ball left of this color ("Crayon"), which I may use to make a matching hat.

I fixed the size problem with the blue hat, and I'm working on the second Fetching glove from the leftovers:
This is my first time knitting with such small (12") circulars in the round. It gets a bit tight on the cable row, but on the up side, the non-cable rows do seem to go faster.

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