Monday, November 27, 2006

Season's Eatings

Crazy Baker Lady was here. 11 different recipes made over 5 non-consecutive days (I had to take breaks to eat turkey). This year's cookie fest featured (from top right clockwise):

  1. caramel apple bars
  2. apricot crescents
  3. wedding cookies (followed by more crescents)
  4. cream cheese brownies (with a couple of stray fudge pieces)
  5. caramel heavenlies
  6. white chocolate fudge with raisins and almonds
  7. chocolate fudge with pecans
  8. no-bake peanut butter and chocolate oat cookies
  9. lemon bars
  10. chocolate chip macadamia cookies
  11. (not pictured) pecan bars

We spent a great thanksgiving with my cousin and her sweet but germy children (pass the coldeeze, please). There was lots of eating and laughing and falling asleep on the sofa. Oh, there was knitting too. I even got two projects done and I started a few new ones. I'll post about them soon.

1 comment:

Jinann said...

Mmmmmmm! It looks like heaven! Wow! What a busy girl! (I'm secretly jealous that you've got all this baking done!!!!)