Monday, November 20, 2006

Thoughts as I Inch towards Thursday

A great big thank you to my secret pal! She sent me an Amazon gift certificate, which I promptly blew on electronic toys!

This might have carried over into my knitting. I have a bazillion (ok maybe that's a slight exaggeration) projects on my needles, but I can't seem to stay with any one for long. Over the weekend, I bought a copy of Knit Simple at Joanns (hooray coupons!) and they had a bunch of scarf patterns, of which the leafy lace one was my favorite. I tried out the pattern using an aran weight (way too big) and a worsted weight (still too big). I looked through the more accessible parts of my stash and only found cottons at the dk weight. Now I just know I have something warm that'll work (and not yeild a scarf 12 inches wide!), but "the right yarn" is probably hidden away in a closet somewhere. Long story short, I'm going stash diving tonight :)

Anyhoo, I have no finished objects or newly started objects to share with you. But I did do doodling (slow day at work), so here's the doodly doodle I did:

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tarcher said...

My daughter is going thru the same thing with school and work. She is off the next 5 days so maybe that will help. And Thanksgiving with everyone here will hopefully re-energize her. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving, eat much and knit lots.