Monday, November 06, 2006

Stitches East

I took a class at Stitches East on Saturday. It was on finishing, which I sorely needed help with! Up to this point, I'd just been sewing pieces together like fabric - it's effective but not very tidy. The class went on all day, but it's amazing how quickly the time went!

Anyway, what would Stitches be without the Stitches Marketplace? Not to toot my own horn, but I was extremely good and refrained from buying everything in sight. I got some interesting 100% corn yarn:
Some hemp fiber:
and some hemp/merino fiber:
The lady at the hemp booth gave me some helpful advice on spinning the hemp, which feels very stiff, much like euroflax linen. She also said I could dye the hemp/merino using acid dyes. The merino will take the dye, but the hemp will resist it, yielding a muted, flecked, kind of tweedy colored yarn.

I also snagged some short Addi circs and a (not-so-little) something for my SP spoilee. On the whole, it was a great day!

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Jinann said...

ARGH! I posted a comment yesterday and it vanished into "Internet Cyberspace"! Anyhow, looks like you had a wonderful time at Stitches. I bought some hemp blends at Rhinebeck.....I'll probably be "pinging you" for some tips.....have you spun any yet?