Sunday, February 25, 2007

Sock It to Me

First of all, I got a note from my Spin-to-Knit pal confirming that she was indeed the one who made the Slimey yarn. Thanks again, spinning pal!

The second Forest Canopy shawl is coming along:
This is after about 10 repeats. It reminds me of strawberry smoothies, and the faint Kool-aid smell makes it even yummier to knit.

Since I started knitting Forest Canopy, I've had my eye on Susan Lawrence's mystery sock posts. I know, I don't knit socks, but I was intrigued. Maybe it was the suspense of getting the pattern in piece by piece. Maybe it was because these socks are knit with worsted weight. I'm not really sure but Friday night I just had to cast on:and soon only my left toes were cold:
Before you know it:
Holy Wool-Ease Batman! I knit a pair of socks! The specs:
Pattern: Horcrux Socks
Yarn: 1 ball of Lion Brand Wool-Ease in Dark Rose Heather, with a smidge of Oxford Gray for the toes
Needles: Addi Turbo 12" circulars, size 6

On a frostier note, this was our deck as of noon:
and snowed for a few more hours after. Another snow day perhaps? Highly unlikely, but a girl can dream...


Jinann said...
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Jinann said...

Your socks look wonderful Mia! I hope you're as proud as you should be - gorgeous colors too!

I love the color and texture of the "Forest Canopy" as well....and the slight Kool aid scent.....mmmmmm!