Thursday, March 01, 2007


In sock news (wait, I have sock news??), I knit a Thuja sock with the Gypsy Girl Creations yarn that Jinann so kindly sent me. Aren't the colors pretty?
The colorway is called "Goblin" and I love it! Check out the slip stitch heel flap:
Very cushy, no? Well if the picture were better, you might be able to tell. I've turned the heel on the second sock and may be done by tonight. It depends on if there's room on the Metro train to knit. I've gotten pretty good at knitting while standing on a moving train. (Hint to mobile knitters: Remember Inigo Montoya's Scottish fencing guru and use the wall; leaning on it isn't as good as a seat, but it leaves your hands free for swordplay, er, I mean knitting. but that only works when we're not packed in like grumpy sardines.)

Mom and I are going to Chicago in the summer to visit family. I oh-so-cleverly timed the trip to coincide with Stitches Midwest. I can't decide which class to take. Bohus, maybe? Such small needles though. There's also Reversible Cables. I've always liked cables so it should be interesting without being too intimidating. Then again, I could go totally crazy and sign up for the two day Danish unpronounceable sweater class. Flying to another city to knit with strangers for 12 hours seems a bit over the top, doesn't it? Can anyone think of a good way to rationalize this? Hmmmm, I could just call it a family reunion, with an organized knitting component. Yeah, yeah, that sounds good.


Anonymous said...

So cool you are doing socks Mia! These days it seems like I am only doing baby things. LOL. Are you using DPN's or 2 circulars?


Jinann said...

I LOVE the socks! They're really pretty - I'm so glad you finally got the "sock bug"....LOL!

When you go to Chicago, make sure you take a trip to "The Fold" - it's a little ways west (I "made" my folks go on a 93 mile trek - each way - last May when I went to visit them in Peru, IL!) That's where I got the yarn for my mom's bed socks as well as the roving that I spun to make her scarf. ("The Fold" is also where I got your "Gypsy Girl" sock yarn - although I actually bought it at her booth at the NY Sheep and Wool Festival!) It's a yarn/fiber heaven!