Monday, March 12, 2007

S is for Sunday (but posted on Monday)


The second shawl is blocked:
Ooooooo, resplendent in its bright bright bright Koolaid glory.
Pattern: Forest Canopy Shoulder Shawl
Yarn: Lion Brand Fishermans Wool, dyed with Tropical Punch Koolaid and orange icing dye.
Needles: Boye Needlemaster, Size 6
Preblocking: 48"x24"
Postblocking: 62"x29"

In my eternal (infernal?) impatience, I started looking for a new shawl project a few weeks ago and decided upon the Feather and Fan Triangle Shawl from from Folk Shawls. It's knit with plotulopi, an unspun Icelandic wool. I found a nice Etsy shop, Ammafrida, that offers unspun in a bunch of colors - and they ship straight from Iceland! Who wouldn't want packaging you can almost understand (sort of)
I think this means "Open here. Pull up." Anyway, I did get the box open and handled the roving gingerly while I swatched.
I say "swatch" but really I just knit on the beginning of the shawl, since it starts small and grows. The photo may be crappy but the knitting was too. First of all, the pattern was vague and I'm not sure I understood it completely. It says to cast on 7, but the chart starts with a row 1 composed of something like 41 stitches. Did I miss the setup rows? Were they in another part of the book? Anyway, I tinkered with it until I had enough stitches to start the chart, which was oddly divided over a two page spread. The writer/editor tried to help by providing a two column overlap (two stitches that showed up on both the left and right side pages, but were only knit once), but I think that just confused me more. Oh yeah, and there were increased on both the RS and WS, so the shawl was a foot and a half wide even though it was only maybe 4-5 inches deep. Isn't that odd?

Anyhoo, I wasn't having fun knitting it and it seemed kind of ugly to me. So I ripped and opted for something simpler, basically stocking with 2-st garter border:

Cast on 7.
Row 1: k2, yo, knit to before the center stitch, yo, k1, yo, knit to last two stiches, yo, k2
Row 2: k2, purl to last two stiches, k2

I think this will show off the yarn better. Having no twist, the unspun is very light and sproingy (yes, that's a word to me). The picture makes it look blue-grey but it's actually dark green. The resulting shawl will be dark green, light green and light grey. The unspun isn't as fragile to work with as I thought. True, you can't really yank it out of the plate/wheel that it comes in and you need some care when ripping back. But in regular knitting, kid gloves aren't necessary, and once knit, the fabric is quite strong, since the fiber's staple length is much longer than any single stitch.


I'm spinning the camel that Autumn sent. It's a long, coarse fiber, with a nice luster to it. Sorry for the lack of photo. I'll have one by the next post

Project Sesame Update: I'm predrafting the rest of the batts, a nice mostly mindless activity that's good for TV watching. There's some veggie matter to pick out, but that just breaks up the monotony.


One Broadripple down:
One to go. The Red Cross sock is taking longer. It's for my brother, whose shoe size is (I think) 10.5. Oh the toe is so aggravatingly far away!

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The shawl is so beautiful and springy (and probably smells pretty sweet!)