Thursday, March 22, 2007

What Time Is It?

The daylight saving time change had me browsing through my electronic calendar looking for scheduling glitches. My Pocket PC didn't make the transition at all, despite how many patches and updates I tried on it. Anyway, it occurred to me that Jersey Baby's birthday was coming up and maybe just maybe I should get started. You know, get an early start on (and perhaps even finish) a project instead of procrastinating. Maybe. Or maybe I could give you WIP updates instead:

The Broadripples are done:
Two tulips. Two socks. Hooray! The fit's not great, and as I said before, the yarn can be a royal PITA, so I am truly done with this pattern. Also in sock news, my brother's shoe size is smaller than I thought (nah, nah, my feet can almost beat up his feet!)
so his Red Cross socks shouldn't take too long to finish. He's going hiking in some park this summer (yes, I'm completely up to speed on his life). Maybe these socks can go with him.

As promised, here's the camel:
I really love the rich brown color. Spinning it takes some getting used to though, since the fibers are a bit slick and not as fine as wool, so I had to be careful and not let it slip through my fingers and get too thin as I spun.

In "not-knitting-or-spinning-but-still-fiber" news, the doggie got a haircut:
He was looking pretty raggedy (though still cute, in a sad hobo dog kind of way), but after an appointment with his Petco stylist (hah!), he's all shiny and dapper again. I wonder how long this will last?


Dorothy said...

What a cute little dog.

Your Forest Canopy Shawl looks really good.

Jinann said...

Ahem.....posted the 13th? I think your PC is rebelling against the time change....LOL!!!!

tarcher said...

Did you have them save his hair so you could spin it? I am seriously thinking of saving all I have been sweeping up from our Aussie mix. I hate spring shedding time. LOL. The socks are great. I am so ready to be able to knit some. But baby knitting has me all possessed. So... And ps the shawl is gorgeous.

Autumn said...

Your camel looks great! I'm glad you are enjoying it.