Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Knit = Death?

I got an email from Amazon recommending some knitting books based on my "interest in books by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee." This is what they came up with:
A Killer Stitch
Knit Fast, Die Young
Back on Blossom Street
A Deadly Yarn

What's with the knitting mysteries? Do knitters have murder on their minds while they clink-clink-clink away on their needles? How very Miss Marple :)

My old Kodak has gone camping with my brother and his sweetie. I've resigned myself to thinking it'll meet its end somewhere in the southwest. Maybe forgotten in the desert somewhere, or perhaps roasted in the trunk of the many possibilities. For a little pre-grief retail therapy, I got a new camera. It's a Samsung S630. I'm camera-stupid, so even this simple low-end point-and-click is kind of overwhelming. Seriously now, I don't think I need all this
to take a picture of a quasi-sock in progress:
This is a toeless ankle sock made with the Regia Crazy Color I got from Veronica. The pattern is from the booklet Journal Fashion Socks. The best link I found was in German, but the pattern is in English. It's my first short row heel. The heel instructions were kinda odd (translation problem, maybe) and I ended up ditching that pattern in favor of a combination of online tutorial info and what I knew about short rows from knitting the Scarf Style Ruffle scarf. At any rate, I'm ambivalent about short row heels, but at least now I know a bit about them.

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Jinann said...

Love the cheerie socks!