Sunday, May 06, 2007


Yesterday we were in New Jersey for a little ritual indoctrination in spiffy threads:
and some bon voyaging in fancy socks:

And today, ummmm, what did happen today? Well we're back in Maryland, on the first full weekend in May, which must mean, oh yes, Sheep and Wool! I went with my mom and Nancy and Erica from work. Erica did her first wheel spinning at the hitchhiker booth:
Yay, Erica! I had a go at it too. You're supposed to rock your whole foot back and forth (heel, toe, heel, toe), which took a bit of getting used to, since my Louet is pretty much just toe toe toe! We browsed the stalls a bit, ran into Jinann and her posse several times (yes, Jinann, I'm totally stalking you!) and watched the white Lincoln sheep judging over a plate of cheesy ribbon chips. Apparently, you can't get a blue ribbon without long locks, an even coat, and springy hind legs. The stash enhancement was minimal, just some sock yarn, a bit of merino roving and a few things for my SP10 spoilee's last package.

Oh, btw, in case you didn't think the Catholic Church can pick a good ad firm, have a look at what was on the Events board at St. P's:
It's a spoof of the Matrix poster, with a priest posing like Keanu (dude!). The bottom gives an "R" rating, for "restricted to those radically in love with Jesus Christ." Not to mention male and celibate. They might want to include that in the fine print to avoid (more) legal problems. Wake up, Father Neo. The Matrix has you...

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