Wednesday, September 03, 2008

i heart small knits

The bad thing about baby knits is I tend to put off starting them: oh, the baby won't arrive for months! Then the night before the baby shower, I end up diving deep deep deep into the stash, desperately trying to find enough balls of thickish superwash gender-neutral anything that I can magically turn into something adorable. On the upside, however, baby knits are teeny and super duper cute.

The first is for a sweater and the second is for a blanket. They're for two different babies, who I hope are in no hurry to receive handknits.

In other news, the Borg have taken over fortune cookies.
And the lottery too, apparently. Be afraid people!


~Tonia~ said...

The baby knits are too adorable. They are nice since they are small. Kind of gives you a sense of accomplishment. ;)

Jill L said...

That fortune is scary! Love the baby projects! The duck is adoroable!

Jinann said...

Love the "picture" knits! They're sooo cute!