Friday, September 05, 2008

Feast and Finished Objects

Mom, Erica and I went to the Maryland Renaissance Festival the day after the hurricane leftovers blew by (I know, it's been that long since I last posted). I hadn't been in ages and was surprised by how much the fair had grown. They had the usual mimes on stilts
and guys in kilts:
but there was also an expanded selection of foods on sticks:That's Erica at the cheesecake booth. She share it with us, but none of us liked it. I went with the classic, Steak on a Stake.

We missed the joust that day. Bummer. They did have some cirque du soleil-like action going on though.

I've been knitting, and even finishing some thing, don't ya know. The sweetheart pullover is done and on its way to its new owner.
The long Fabel socks I started at the Redskins game are also done.
They're pretty much as matchy-matchy as I could make them. I used about 2.75 balls of yarn.

The silk Best Friend Scarf had been blocked.
The colors aren't really this harsh in real life, though they are quite clownish. I should wear it to the next Renaissance fair.

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Jinann said...

I'm going to miss the Renn Fest this favorite is the smoked turkey leg...mmmm!

Love how the heart sweater came out - it's real sweet. The socks look great too! And a scarf as well? Wow! You've been busy!