Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Mixed Messages

I was glad to finally see one of the controversial atheist posters on the metro the other day. I completely agree with the message. However, the ad itself looked a bit cheesy. The slogan is good. It's a new twist on a popular tune, but I was really hoping for a cleverer, slicker presentation. Come on, a shrugging santa and snowflakes? I just know they could have come up with a more coherent overall look. Where's Don Draper when you need him? It's a great product. It just needs the right sales pitch.

I went to Union Station for the Norwegian Christmas festivities. I got to see Jinann, proud member of the Sons of Norway (I dare you to ask her about Leif Ericson) and head viking at the sweater table at the Norwegian Bazaar. I got to see the Christmas tree from Norway:
They grow a fine tree in Norway, don't you think? There are US and Norwegian flags strung from top to bottom all the way around, like a Maypole, only it's cold outside. Apparently, there's also a toy train setup somewhere there - it is a train station after all - just for the holidays, but unfortunately, I missed it.

I finished the first green no purl monkey and started on its mate. The Heart & Sole sock is coming along too.
There have been no color mishaps thus far, but these are knee-highs (hence its general enormousness) which I'm guessing will require 2 balls of yarn per sock, so there will be plenty of opportunities for disappointment and self-recrimination. Stay tuned for more frustrated rantings.

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Jinann said...

LOL! Glad you enjoyed the Norwegian display. God Jul!