Tuesday, January 20, 2009

In Concert

Well, now I can say I sang with Aretha Franklin at the Kennedy Center. We sang Precious Memories and Old Landmark with her. The highlight for me was being on stage when she sang Chain of Fools. The tech people had the Concert Hall chandeliers blinking on and off in time with the music. It was hilarious! I wonder why they don' t do that at the Messiah Sing-a-Long???

There was a lot of downtime between the choir call time (10am) and the 6pm concert, even with rehearsals in between. So there was knitting...
There was also much cramming of lyrics. Old Landmark is a bear. I've learned stuff in Russian that was easier to remember than this.

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Jinann said...

How cool is that! Sounds like you had a GREAT time!