Sunday, January 11, 2009

Finished Business

I finished the stripy knee highs and took them skating.The fit's not great. The cuff needs to be tighter, maybe with fewer sts cast on or knit with a smaller needle, or maybe both. The decreases for the calf shaping started about an inch too early. I'll keep these changes in mind for the next time I decide to make crazy long socks. But I love these socks, warts and all. I wish I could say they magically improved my skating. Alas, that was asking too much. They did keep my feet warm though.

I also finished the green no purl monkeys. Finally.
I started these back in November. They did seem to take forever. They had a few things going against them.
  1. They're in a fresh, springy colorway, which I'm not usually in the mood for in the colder months.
  2. The colors were way more muted than I was hoping for, which did nothing for the lace pattern at all. I was a little disappointed. Of course, towards the end of the project, the colors intensified, and the greater contrast made that pretty monkey lacework pop nicely. Then I was a little pissed. But only a little, since they're just socks after all. See how much better the lace in the bottom half of the sock in the foreground looks? *Sigh*
  3. Oh, did I mention I was knitting some really enormously long socks?

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Jinann said...

Great socks! Love the long ones - they look great!