Monday, February 02, 2009

Socky Birthday

We made a quick trip to New Jersey over the weekend. The twins got their birthday socks. They also saw their shadows, but I think that's true most mornings when the sun comes out, and has no actually prognostic value.

I also got my own souvenirs. Jersey Mama crocheted an amigurumi turtle for me. Isn't it cute?
Oh and of course there was food. Nothing says Jersey to me like sfogliatelle. Layers and layers of crispy creamy goodness.
Tomorrow, adventures in crappy winter weather and, with any luck, a Hoyas game. The team may be down on its luck, but you can't keep a true fan down.

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Jinann said...

The socks look great! Oh, my - the sfogliatelle looks and sounds wonderful! The little turtle is so cute!

The photo of the dog reminds me of the comment circling the web - "Why dogs bite people"...LOL!acce